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Steering Committee

The PNG BAN Steering Committee is the elected body of individuals who oversee the efforts to develop and implement the Women’s Business Agenda (WBA) in PNG. Seven members were voted in from a pool of 10 nominees in 2021 to assume a leadership role for the PNG BAN. These women represent a variety of organizations, including the tech sector and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well the youth and disabilities communities. 


The common goals of these members in the BAN WBA process is to enhance the opportunities available for women in business and provide a more inclusive representation of their economic interests through advocacy. The individuals selected to serve on the inaugural Steering Committee were: Susil Nelson Kongoi, serving as Chairperson; Jacqueline Boga Garoau, serving as Deputy Chairperson; Akae Beach, Treasurer; Bronwyn Kili, Secretary; Dianne Aikung; Luania Temu; and Priscilla Kevin.


  • Susil Nelson Kongoi, serving as Chairperson

  • Jacqueline Boga Garoau, serving as Deputy Chairperson

  • Bronwyn Kili, Secretary

  • Luania Temu

  • Priscilla Kevin

  • Gunanidhi Das

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