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Women’s Business Agenda

The Women's Business Agenda is our vital tool to advocate for women in business by mobilizing business communities and civil society stakeholders. With the support of CIPE, the PNG Business Advocacy Network developed the Women's Business Agenda in 2022 to address major challenges that business and professional women face. The WBA offers concrete recommendations and reforms to remove these barriers and improve the business climate for women. 


WBA 4 pillars

  • (1) Lack of participation of women in politics, policy and decision making to create an enabling policy environment for women in business. 

  • (2) Lack of access to finance to participate in business. 

  • (3) Inadequate empowerment and participation of women in the formal economy through SMEs; and

  • (4) Poor access for women to inclusive services including health, social welfare, justice, education, that limit women’s participation in business.)

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